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How I'm Learning, Listening, and Making Repairs

Let's cut right to it, so you don't have to waste any energy wondering where I stand:

Black Lives Matter. 

Saying that is the easy part. Doing anti-racism work is not.

I am committed to doing better. It's uncomfortable and I am humbled by it. I want to do this perfectly, but know that I won't because:

A. That's impossible.
B. I have a lot to learn. 

But here's one thing I DO know for sure: 

Everything I've ever shared with you about self-care for helping professionals applies to doing anti-racism work. 

The more resourced you are internally, the more able you are to tolerate discomfort, the more skilled you are in regulating your nervous system, and the more self-compassion you have for yourself when you make mistakes...

...the more you will be able to show up to do anti-racism work in a sustainable way. 

I thought it might be helpful to share a few of the people I've been learning from lately, in case you're looking for ideas (like I always am):

1. Resmaa Menakem's free 5 day Racialized Trauma course and his brilliant, unedited On Being interview.

2. Desiree Adaway's Whiteness at Work webinar this Friday.

3. Rachel Cargel's 30 Day Do The Work email series.

4. The Wellness of We video series.

5. The National Museum of African American History and Culture's Talking About Race page.

I purchased this printable and 100% of the proceeds went to The Loveland Foundation!
Get yours at: Bless The Messy

What am I doing in my life and business? I'm donating, learning, and repairing. 

For example, I joined a group lead by BIPOC somatic trauma educators, so I can better understand the impact of white supremacy on ALL of our bodies.

For example, I'm working to address the lack of culturally-informed, trauma-sensitive mental health resources in my online classes and programs.

Currently, I'm creating a new list of BIPOC mental health resources to share with the shelter workers who are currently enrolled in The Compassion in Balance Program.

If you have a suggestion, hit reply. 

I'm also working to hire BIPOC mental health and wellness professionals to be guest speakers for my online programs and classes.

Are YOU that person? Or do you know someone you'd like me to meet? Hit reply. 

And I'll be reviewing my online classes to determine where I can make changes to the content that may be harmful or oppressive.

In other words, I'm examining how white body supremacy overtly or covertly shows up in my coaching and teaching work. 

I am practicing cultural humility 
(no doubt that needs to be part of practicing compassionate badassery, right?) and I'm open to feedback. 

This is hard and I'm stumbling around. 

But I am honored to be grappling with these big questions and doing the deep learning right along side all of you.

Who have you been listening to or learning from lately? What are you reflecting on?

What big questions are you asking yourself these days?



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