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Self-Care You Can Do While Your Dog Works on a Kong

self care

How often do you give yourself a small win?

Life is pretty hard (duh) and taking care of ourselves can seem pretty overwhelming, especially if we're trying to make big changes like creating healthy boundaries with a difficult client or we have a ton on our plate and very little energy left over to do kind things for ourselves. 

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves an easy win, so that we create some positive momentum for ourselves. That's why I always put a few super simple things on my to-do list. Real talk - sometimes I put stuff I've already done on my to-do list, so I can start my day crossing stuff out!

If you're struggling to get a little self-care going, here are 5 ways you can score a quick win to get some wind behind you:

1. Go back to the 90s. Buy an alarm clock. Remember those? I've never gotten rid of mine, which means I don't use my phone as an alarm clock in the morning. Which means my phone is not by my bed at night and I'm not tempted to check email first thing in the morning. 

2. Give it 5 minutes. The next time you're making a pot of coffee or microwaving your lunch, use that time to clean your kitchen or sort your mail. You can a lot done in 5 minutes and then it's one less thing you need to do at the end of the day. 

3. Hydrate. Drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning. I put a pint down before I feed my cats and dog. That's 16 ounces (a quarter of the recommended amount of water I need to drink) that I've taken care of before my eyes are compltely open. 

4. Get new socks. 


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